The rise in asthma cases across the country has prompted research and investigation into the air we breathe. When we turn that microscope inwards, to our home’s, the results can be quite scary. Materials that off-gas, toxic cleaning products, harmful paints and stains — we are, in so many ways, making the air in our homes more polluted than the outdoors. Small wonder the next generation is having a hard time taking a deep, clean breath.

Global healthcare leader Merck has teamed up with Habitat for Humanity, the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America and Cater Oosterhouse of HGTV fame to bring greater awareness to asthma and asthma triggers in our homes by launching the Build Smart, Breath Easier website. The resource will share tips on how you can limit exposure to asthma triggers in the home.

Additionally, the partnership will be building four “asthma-friendly” homes for four separate low-income families affected by the disease. The homes will go up in Atlanta, Detroit, Los Angeles and Philadelphia. Construction of the homes can be followed on the Build Smart, Breath Easier website.

It’s good to see some heavy-hitters bringing this issue farther into the spotlight. Hopefully it will help asthma-afflicted families take steps to improve the lives of household members and send a message to manufacturers that Americans aren’t going to tolerate toxic and asthma-triggering products anymore.

Do you or a family member battle asthma? What steps have you taken in the home to reduce exposure to asthma triggers?

Build Smart, Breath Easier Website