Of all the tools I own, the tape measure is my number one nemesis. If I take a measurement twice, I get two different numbers. If I take the measurement three times, I’ll get three different numbers. It’s amazing, I’m like a magician when it comes to generating bad measurements. That’s why Sticky Yard appeals to me. Sure, I can’t wield a tape measure but I can put a piece of adhesive on the side of something and take a picture of it. The Sticky Yard software takes this digital picture and, using the adhesive as a base measurement, calculates any length in the photo. As long as you have the photo, you’ve got a record of all the measurments. This can be particularly useful when you are measuring something massive like a house or, say, the Qualcomm Stadium Scoreboard, as the Sticky Yard software was once called to do by a client taking measurements for an oversized banner. The software measures with accuracy up to a sixteenth of an inch. The complete system includes software and lengths of adhesive and magnetic tape for the base measurement. The tape is fully reusable. It is available online for $49.99.

Sticky Yard