Maytag® revealed its latest French door refrigerator, the Ice20® Easy Access. This two-door, two-drawer beauty has a full extension external drawer that can hold up to five bags of groceries. By limiting the number of open components (when either loading up or removing items) this design is intended to save on energy consumption.

It does make some sense. Why open half the refrigerator when what you need is in one drawer? It does require, however, that everyone in the house knows exactly where every refrigerated item is kept.

I’d like to see an interior shot of the refrigerator. It always seems to me that more doors and drawers results in less actual space to cool and freeze stuff. The side-by-side storage space of this model, for example, doesn’t strike me as particular spacious. There’d better be someone with an engineering degree in the family who can pack this thing. Then again, maybe I’m just not good at organizing my fridge.

No word yet on a price tag, but seeing how this is a slight remodeling of their existing Ice20® model (which sells for around $2,000), I’d expect this to go for a similar amount, if not a little more.

Credit: Maytag