As American homes increase in size, the demand for garage space is also increasing. According to the National Association of Home Builders, last year 25% of home buyers preferred a three-car garage to the more standard two-car version. If Americans want to maximize the parking space for their cars, why not start stacking them? Harding Steel of Denver helps home owners double up their cars’ storage space with car and SUV lifts for home garages. Harding has lifts in a variety of sizing options to fit most garages. Looks like a risky proposition stacking cars like this, but these guys have been in the business since 1968. They’ll even galvanize the steel on request for the rougher climates of the north. All drivers need to do is drive onto the lift platform and push the button. A system of wheel locks prevent any movement during the raising of the vehicle. The lift is powered by a simple wall outlet connection. Residential systems cost around $7,000 to install, not bad considering how much I’ve seen people spend building a larger garage. Words of caution: Watch the ceiling and move the car below before you lower the one on top.

Harding Steel