Identity theft is no joke. An estimated 10 million people in the U.S. are victims, elevating identity theft to the #1 consumer concern. Prevention is critical, and of the many steps homeowners can take, the Federal Trade Commission’s identity theft website advises us to “treat mail and trash carefully.” Easier said than done, what with the lack of security features in the standard mailbox. So it’s time to beef up security— exactly what Mail Theft Solutions would have us do. Their Security Mailboxes are aiming to make mail theft a thing of the past. The CurbVault, a heavy duty drop vault, protects incoming mail within a sturdy 1/8” steel enclosure that supposedly resists baseball bats, bullets, and pipe-bombs. A deadbolt-protected rear access door allows for safe retrieval of mail, and a 3,200-cubic-inch storage capacity lets homeowners stockpile mail without the hassle of mail holding or an overflowing mailbox. The look alone should be enough to deter would-be thieves. $1195 is a lot to pay for an overhauled mailbox, but considering the average identity theft victim pays over $1500 to repair or undo credit damages, that could be money well spent.

Mail Theft Solutions