People are willing to spend a lot of money to look younger. From high-end spa treatments to lotions and potions to at-home mechanical devices, women in particular want a way to stop or slow down the aging process. A new product called the Wellness Shower is a moisturizer, anti-aging product and shower disinfectant all in one. It filters out up to 99 percent of water’s contaminants. And because it “features a patented magnetic treatment stage that generates reduced ions to protect the skin from free radical attack,” according to the company’s press release, [it] aids the body in repairing damaged skin and hair and increases hydration by 115 percent.” Called the “World’s only anti-aging shower system,” the manufacturer claims that the shower “increases hydration of skin and hair and begins the reversal of the aging process after only one shower.” At a hefty price of $249, I hope to see some dramatic results. The company does offer a 90-day, money-back guarantee, so it’s certainly worth a try.

Credit: Wellness Enterprises