Congratulations, you convinced the Mrs. that your 70” TV purchase was, in fact, for the kids. I mean, Clifford is supposed to be big, right? Now comes the tough sell—those speakers. Fortunately for you (and your marriage), Stealth Acoustics has introduced a new line of invisible speakers that are placed inside your walls. While traditional in-walls aren’t new, Stealth’s blasters are truly out of sight—no grills, flush with the drywall, and 100% paintable. Installation looks realistic for the average DIY’er and they’ve even printed the instructions on each and every speaker to make it almost dummy-proof. Sure, acoustic snobs may argue that in-wall speakers of any flavor don’t match the sound of freestanding units. Then again, acoustic snobs tend to be single…your call. Fronts and surrounds start at $660 a pair, subs around $600 per. Available now.

Just in: stumbled across a similar setup from Sound Advance. Who knew?

Credit: Electronic House

Stealth Acoustics