It’s Lightning Safety Awareness Week—a fact I learned as I raced to check the weather and shut down my computers in the face of a violent storm yesterday. NOAA, the weather guys, and a list of partners are promoting lightning awareness and safety indoors and out. Slogans like “When thunder roars, go indoors!” aim to get people to safety as a storm approaches. “Use Your Brain! Don’t Wait for Rain!” is Leon the Lightning Lion’s motto aimed especially at kids. NOAA wants people to know that lightning deaths and accidents most frequently occur before the rain starts and 30 minutes after it’s done, so obey the 30 minute rule and wait inside. During a storm, stay away from phones, corded appliances, computers, and televisions. Remember that lightning snakes its way inside via water and electrical lines so you should stay clear of sinks and showers, too. Lightning injuries are serious and can have debilitating long-term effects like memory loss, sleeplessness, pain in joints, and inability to sit. With storms and global temperatures on the rise, lightning is likely to be in our forecast lots this summer, so play it smart and be ready to head for shelter as the storms approach.