Caving under member pressure and stakeholders, the USGBC recently announced that the ballot for LEED 2012 has been pushed back to June 1, 2013. It will also be renamed LEED v4.

A message from USGBC President, CEO & Founding Chairman Rick Fedrizzi lays out the reason for the delay. He states that the USGBC has “heard repeatedly that while our community continues to fully embrace the mission, they need more time to absorb the changes we’re proposing and to get their businesses ready to take the step with us.”

You can read the full message on the USGBC website.

Speculation is rampant, of course, and even we have reported on the under-fire LEED 2012 standards and the backlash from the Plastics Industry. Is the new announcement a reaction to negative criticism?

What are your thoughts on the USGBC decision?

USGBC Website