One of the benefits of my job is learning about new building programs and incentives that our writers uncover long before the magazines make them mainstream. Well, the news outlets should be screaming about this one—LEED (Leadership in Energy and Design), the program that is pushing building and architecture to achieve green building greatness, is coming to homes. LEED-H will kick off this fall and finally bring true green certification to the homebuilding industry. Homes can be LEED-H certfied and builders recognized as LEED-H builders. This recognition will guarantee homebuyers that their houses are energy efficient, built with green materials, painted with low VOC paints, sited for energy efficiency, responsible in site management and landscaping, and superior in indoor air quality. Prior to this, homeowners have really had to dig to find green materials and educate their builders on how to buy and install them. With LEED-H, homebuyers can relax knowing that most of the hard work is done for them. As they do when buying production homes and Energy Star houses, green buyers will be able to sit back and choose from select products that satisfy their desire for an environmentally responsible and healthy home. Aaahhh…the built world is breathing better already!