I don’t mean to spook you, but the days are getting shorter and the nights much cooler here in the Northeast. I’ve even seen leaves turning—yikes! And so my thoughts turn to raking, that omnipresent fall activity. How cool would it be to have a leaf collector on steroids? Enter the DR Leaf and Lawn Vacuum. This pull-behind leaf vacuum and shredder dwarfs the mower but I’m guessing it’s worth it for those with big properties and lots of trees. They claim it even chips branches. A walk-behind model is available, too. Now we’re talking! Available accessories include hose attachments for the walk-behind, a mulch discharger hose (very cool!) for the tow-behind model, and biofilter bags for collecting the shredded mulch. Costs from $1,200 for the 6 HP pull-behind to $2,000 for the 7 HP commercial model, less for the walk-behind vacuum. Check out the DR website to order a free catalog and video.

Credit: Luxury Housing Trends