Temperatures are soaring across the country, prompting the release of gallons and gallons of water to irrigate thirsty lawns and gardens.

Before you go wantonly spraying (wasting) a precious resource, brush up on your Garden and Lawn Watering Basics. Taking small measures like only watering when the top 6 inches of soil is dry and adjusting sprinklers to avoid watering the sidewalk can go a long way in water conservation.

If you are still scratching your head over which flora to populate you garden with, consider planting low water use flowers and plants. Numerous plants accustomed to humid environments are adaptable to low soil moisture levels and won’t require excessive watering.

When you’re thirsty do you dump buckets of water over your head? No, you put water in your mouth. Your plants and your lawn wish you’d do the same for them. Sprinklers are old-fashioned, clunky and inefficient. Try installing a drip irrigation system, which uses very small amounts of water supplied directly to the base of plants.

Happy lawn and gardening!