And the marriage of kitchen appliances continues! Today’s happy couple? The toaster and the microwave. In another space-saving triumph, LG unites these two kitchen-counter neighbors in one compact product—the Stainless Steel Combination Microwave Toaster. Measuring in at a counter-considerate 21 5/16” X 16 9/16”, the Combo boasts .9 cubic feet of oven space, ten power levels, six auto cook options, and nine toaster browning levels. This unit sells for $140. LG also has a combination microwave/coffee maker. I say let these marriages continue. The more counter space available for chopping, prepping, and cooking, the better. One wonders which two appliances are next in line for matrimony? How about a blender/crock pot combination? Or a juicer/waffle-maker? I better leave the designing in the hands of the experts.

Credit: Home Tone