If you are concerned at all about how your lawn or flowerbeds look, you know how frustrating weeds can be. It’s an endless struggle to keep them away. Many times, though, we just start randomly pulling the pesky plants when they get completely out of control. Taking a systematic, smart approach to weed killing is a much more efficient way to get rid of them. The first step in the process is to pull the weeds by the roots. Next, you cover the area with a layer of mulch. This will stifle any re-growth in many cases. Anything that continues to grow requires chemicals. Follow these basic rules so that they can work properly.

1.) Don’t spread a weed killer on a newly seeded lawn.
2) Wait for a calm day. Wind will move it to unwanted areas.
3) If you mow weekly, spray the weed killer in the middle of that cycle.

Follow this step-by-step approach and weeds don’t stand a chance. In no time, your yard will be the envy of the neighborhood.

Credit: DoItYourself.com