The cordless drill one day might replace the dog as man’s best friend. If that day ever came, the most popular “breed” could very well be the C12 from Festool. This industry-first cordless drill with a brushless motor is not only a pound lighter and 25% smaller than most other 12-volts in its class, it claims one of the longest life-spans out there. Where most cordless drills might call it quits after about 200,000 screws drilled, the C12 can allegedly do the business to over 1 million screws in its lifetime—what other selling points do you need? Brushless motors have been around in a variety of products (like computer printers and CNC routers), but this is the first time the efficient, long-lasting technology has been used in a cordless drill. It was enough for the C12 to earn a 2006 “Top Ten Innovative Tools” award from Workbench Magazine. Available in a number of kit options that start at around $300.