If you haven’t already included the phrase “Radio Frequency Identification” into your daily vocabulary, you might be a little behind the times. Better known as RFID, the technology is finding its way into every corner of the modern home, and now it’s keeping people OUT of our homes. The MyKey 2300 is a keyless locking system for the home that can replace ordinary door locks. With a wave your RFID card the door unlocks— smaller stick-on RFID cards can be put anywhere, including your cell phone or wallet. If you forget your card there is a concealed keypad on the device, allowing you to punch in a security code. Lock the device with the touch of a button, or choose the auto-lock device, which locks the door if it’s been closed for 3 seconds. $299 will get you the lock, 2 stick-on tags, 6 cards, the manual and installation guide. Available now.

MyKey 2300