Keeping your utility bills low involves more than making sure your refrigerator door is shut. has eight simple tips to follow to make sure your refrigerator is functioning well:

  1. Clean the compressor coils.
  2. Clean gaskets on the doors with detergent and water, not bleach.
  3. Test the gasket seal by closing the door on a dollar bill. If the bill falls out or can be easily removed after closing, it’s time to replace the gasket.
  4. Refrigerators should be placed on a level surface so the door can close properly.
  5. Every time a refrigerator door is opened, up to 30 percent of the cooled air can be let out. Think about the item you are seeking before opening the door.
  6. Keep the refrigerator temperature at 36 to 38 degrees and the freezer no colder than 0 to 5 degrees.
  7. Place your refrigerator away from heat sources and direct sunlight.

Credit: Consumer Reports article