There’s a month for everything, apparently. And this month is “Change Your Refrigerator Water Filter Month,” according to the Whirlpool Corporation.

I happen to be the target market for Whirlpool’s semi-annual initiative, which started in 2009. I have a water dispenser on my fridge, and the water filter indicator light has been on for some time. I’ve told myself that it’s supposed to be on to indicate that the filter is working, but in reality it probably means the filter needed to be changed many, many glasses of water ago.

I’m all for this initiative, which intends to ensure fresh, filtered water arrives at our lips after traveling long distances through the water infrastructure. It is also aimed at reducing bottled water usage. In their announcement, Whirlpool states that a refrigerator system using two filters a year (it’s supposed to be changed every six months) filters the equivalent of about 3,000 bottles–$600–of water. In other words, a regularly changed filter is good for my body, my wallet and the environment.

Have you changed your refrigerator filter lately?

If you are thinking about getting a water filtration system for your kitchen watch this video on how to install one.

Credit: Whirlpool Corporation