The good people at this handy little online resource shared a list of 20 Ways To Spot if Your Contractor Isn’t Complying with Code.

A few of the ways that stood out for me included:

1) Your contractor doesn’t give you a detailed quote. This is often because he’s not pulling permits, so the quote wouldn’t include a line for the building permit costs, which would be (or should be) an instant red flag for the homeowner.

2) No plans or drawings are submitted. Permits require drawings or plans. If the contractor doesn’t have any, guess what? He also most likely does not have the permits.

3) He does not offer you a copy of the lien waiver once the job is completed. This is an important one, as it ensures that you are not held responsible for the material costs from the companies the contractor has not yet paid.

Check out the full list at the Construction Management Degree website.