Ever tried to install a door by yourself? Ughh. There is little in this world more awkward to carry and install. One thing I’ve learned is installing a door by yourself is a great way to reenact your favorite scenes from The Three Stooges. That’s where the Door Dolly from The Williams Development Group can help. The Door Dolly was originally developed by David Williams in 1986 when he did renovation work for the Miami International Airport Hotel. That work involved installing 1,400 new fire-rated doors. Install 1,400 doors and you are an expert in my book. Installing doors normally requires two workers but with the Door Dolly, it can be done single-handedly by one. The Door Dolly holds a door horizontally while hinges are mortised and installed. Then the rubber stoppers allow the door to be swung into a vertical position while hinge pins are installed on the door jamb. After that is completed, the door can be rolled into place for installation and adjustment. If you install doors on a regular basis, you’ll wonder what you did before you found it. The clamps feature rubber padding to prevent any damage to the door and the handles telescope to fit multiple sizes. The Door Dolly’s steel construction allows even the heaviest of doors to be installed without problems. It’s made of heavy gauge aluminum and retails for $299 online.

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