No one needs to sell me on induction cooking. I currently use an induction cooktop and there’s no question it heats a pot of water faster than you can say “al dente.” I’ve done the gas thing before and I do like it, but it takes a little getting used to and there’s always something disconcerting about having a semi-open flame flickering away. I’m the forgetful type, you see…

So Jenn-Air has just introduced a new induction cooktop with the “most powerful induction element available.” Sounds serious.

The 36″ model has five induction elements, including the industry’s most powerful 12″/9″ Dual Zone Induction Element with a maximum output of 5,000 Watts. That probably doesn’t mean a whole heck of a lot to the average homeowner. But this might: it also has a Sensor Boil feature which can automatically bring water to a boil with the touch of a button. It also lets you know when the water reaches boiling (probably through a chime of some sort, I’m guessing) and will automatically adjust the power to prevent boil-overs. That is what I need more than anything. I’m constantly guilty of multi-tasking while cooking and the water stains on the cooktop are proof.

No word yet on what this super-duper induction cooktop will set you back, but I’m guessing it’s a little more than the Moffat range I cajoled into working on a daily basis up in Nova Scotia.

What kind of cooktop are you? Electric, gas or induction?