Are your kids showing an interest in climbing? Anyone who has ever taken up a hobby or pastime knows that the key to mastery is putting in the hours, so some families with little climbers decided to forgo the membership to the rock climbing gym and create a climbing paradise in their own home.

It sounds a little dangerous, but these Manhattan penthouse owners (as seen on were sure to outfit the space with a belay system for safety. Once hooked in, much of the beams in the main living space are climbable, all the way as high as five stories. They’ve included a swing for good measure, too.

As an added bonus to the youngsters (and young-at-heart) in the home, an 80-foot slide snakes throughout the interior of the home to allow what went up to come down — with a little more flair, of course.

Pop on over to the full article to see other instances of climbing surfaces integrated into home design. We were surprised at some of the results!

Credit: Apartment Therapy