Every night before bed, my husband and I take turns reading to our three-year-old son. Because he loves tools and animals, I thought he’d love the book, Monkey with a Tool Belt by Chris Monroe. I was right. But, even better, I like reading it to him. This is a book even parents can enjoy, mostly because of the cartoon-like illustrations and fun antics of Chico Bon Bon, the main character.

Chico Bon Bon is a monkey who loves to fix things. In addition to the usual tools on his belt, he also has a zoozle, snozzer, donkey wrench and a banana hammer. It’s a good thing he’s handy, too, because he gets himself in quite the fix: He is captured and taken to the circus by an organ grinder, but he’s able to use his tools to escape and take revenge. This quirky and clever monkey and his tool belt make for a fun story. Find the book on Amazon on at your local bookstore. There’s a sequel to the book, too, called Monkey with a Tool Belt and the Noisy Problem, which we have, as well. Wait until you see Chico Bon Bon’s next adventure. Happy reading!

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