This week is Hurricane Preparedness Week and everyone from NOAA (National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Agency) to companies like Simonton Windows is putting information and products out there to help our coastal communities live safer. If you live in a hurricane-prone community, please get informed. What you do to prepare and how you protect your home could save your life. Check out NOAA’s fantastic information on hurricane hazards and how to prepare for the storm. Then really, really take a hard look at your home and how to upgrade it for hurricane safety. Companies like Simonton are dedicating entire production facilities to wind- and impact-resistant window and door fabrication. In many communities they satisfy code requirements. In communities where there is no code, impact-resistant windows and doors fortify a house against wind penetration and catastrophic damage. They are the right thing to do—code or no code. In fact, to celebrate 60 years in business, Simonton has donated $600,000 worth of windows and doors to Mississippi victims of hurricane Katrina. This is how we make safe housing for those who need it most. Great job Simonton!

Simonton StormBreaker Plus Windows