Last year we did an entry about The Hurricane Harness, a product that helps tie the roof down during a hurricane. High-speed winds traveling over the roof can create a vacuum pressure on the roof, pulling it upward. Likewise, windborne debris can rip holes in the home’s envelope and create a pressure imbalance, lifting the roof right off the home. This is called catastrophic building failure. Just in time for Hurricane Season ’07, the makers of the Hurricane Harness are releasing their latest versions of the product on the market. There are now options for mobile homes and commercial/industrial buildings, including those with metal roofs. The Harness straps down the roof and fastens to anchors driven into the ground or the foundation of the home. We call it a “seatbelt for the home.” The mobile-home harness also protects carports, a particularly vulnerable part of the mobile home. Check out Hurricane Harness to learn more.

Hurricane Harness