Wallpapering isn’t exactly all the rage, but there MUST be some out there who still dig floral patterns in their bathroom, hot dogs in the kids room, etc.—why else would there be a product like this out there? Claiming to be an industry “first and only,” this “Wallpapering Made Easy” how-to instructional DVD has a run-time of 3 hours and covers 70 different subject titles relating to wallpapering. I had no idea that a wallpapering project involved so many particulars—things like choosing the proper primer, installing around a corner, and even hanging behind a corner. Fortunately such obstacles are easily overcome with the help of the DVD. A touch of legitimacy—the author, David M. Groff, wrote the certification program for the National Guild of Professional Paperhangers (NGPP). This guy knows wallpaper. And he’s sharing his knowledge, for a mere $19.95. Available now.

Wallpapering Made Easy