Does your home contain contaminated Chinese Drywall? This testing advice from the New York Times can help a homeowner determine if he or she is one of the thousands in over 30 states with the poisonous plasterboard.

Some ways to tell if you have Chinese Drywall in your home:

– Sulfuric smell. (Also a sign that you have descended into the less-favorable Afterworld. It’s best to inspect for fire, brimstone and the tortured souls of the eternally damned to eliminate this possibility)

– Blackened metal on bathroom fixtures and copper wires, coils and pipes. (Excessive blackening may also be the work of an enthusiastic cook in the home with a penchant for Cajun recipes.)

– Appliance failure due to corroded wiring. (Could also be failed payments on electric bill, or a burglar at the electrical panel having trouble finding the main circuit breaker).

On a serious note, there are some legitimate health concerns surrounding the contaminated product, and some of the signs that your home has Chinese Drywall include headaches and difficulty breathing.

Take the test, just to be safe.

If you do have it, you can choose to rip and rebuild, or there’s a new treatment option that involves decontaminating the home with chlorine dioxide. The jury is out on that process, though.

Have you tested your home for Chinese Drywall?

Credit: New York Times article