I’m sure a few people caught this story of the Kansas City home with the bad luck of being situated just in front of a water main break a couple days ago. The spewing, wind-driven water shot all over the front lawn and house during a dip in temperatures, encasing it in a thick layer of ice.

The homeowner, who goes by “Doozle,” seemed more pleased with the attention than perturbed by his home’s condition, but I guess I wouldn’t be too upset to find my house transformed into Superman’s Fortress of Solitude.

So what’s the next step? Wait for a thaw? I suppose Doozle could cover his home in yards and yards of HeatTrak and plug those suckers in. Or crank the heat inside, maybe crack a few windows, and melt from the inside out. Primitive methods would see him go to town with a pick axe. I doubt we’ll catch video of that on KMBC.

How would you handle this situation?

Credit: KCMB