Home sales might be down in the States but there are still plenty of people doing the residence shuffle. Homebuyers and renters alike will be packing with peanuts and watching as the moving company does it’s thing this spring and summer, hopefully with no breaks, nicks or dents.

Damaged goods is not the only thing those on the move need to be concerned with. As the bed bug “epidemic” continues to find coverage, folks and families hiring moving companies (or using rented trucks) need to be thinking about the spreading of those little critters through the moving vehicle. It’s certainly not something I considered the last time I moved. I won’t make that mistake again.

To allay the fears of their clients, the “green” moving company iMoveGREEN is certifying their moving fleets as BED BUG FREE. Their method? Heat each truck to 120 degrees for an hour (empty of contents, I assume). They’ll also heat the moving blankets, too.

I’m curious about this treatment. I’d understood that, in home heating bed bug treatment, the home had to be heated to around 140-150 degrees in order to kill the bugs. Is 120 nothing more than a pleasant sauna for the critters?

If the 120 degrees does work, it’s a nice little added service provided by a company that already sets itself apart by powering its offices through wind power alone and using environmentally friendly packing materials.

If you do have bedbugs, take a look at this bed bug extermination resource on proper treatment of them.

Have you dealt with bed bugs? What was your solution?

Credit: iMoveGREEN

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