Simple, neat and cheery. By using what is in the garden, one can make fine Christmas decorations which can also be given as gifts. I think things prepared by hand are always nicer because they show one cared enough to spend one’s precious time. Here’s how to make a beautiful Christmas garland.

Cut a few large (2-foot long) branches of pine, spruce, or fir and secure them with into a nice graceful shape, leaving a loop for hanging. Finish it with a big, beautiful bow with the ribbon ends trailing.

Then decorate the swag as the spirit moves you with angels, pine cones, bells, berries, even plastic icicles (which don’t look as bad as they sound). It’s best to do this on newspaper because most evergreens drip gummy sap, which can be removed from hands with paint thinner. Pine and fir branches hold their needles the longest.

Credit: Mother’s Garden