Okay, so we at discussions.tommmymac.us aren’t the biggest fans of tooting our own horn (well, most of the time), but we just had to do it this time. We recently finished our holiday gift guide and I realized that with it, I can basically cross everyone off my list. Here’s how:

Gift for Mom: She’s definitely getting the Eco-Gardening Gloves, by Ethel Gloves. No one spends more time in their yard or garden than Mother. The combination synthetic leather and bamboo are much more durable than leather, so the gloves will hold up even as she lugs those famous New Hampshire granite stones around the yard. They’re the perfect gift for the gardener.

Gift for Dad: This is a tougher one. The gift that caught my eye was the Automated Gutter Cleaner, from iRobot. Seriously, I am talking about a robot gutter cleaner. It looks partially inspired by Johnny 5 from those old Short Circuit series — it also looks like it could provide at least 100 horses on the back of a Boston Whaler. Hey, whatever keeps my Dad off the roof…

Gift for a Young Couple: James and Sandra are two good friends of mine who don’t mind the occasional (read: regular) martini. What better kitchen gift for them than the Jigger Cube? Sandra will never again dump an improperly measured martini down the drain in disgust. It’s a stocking stuffer. It’s a gift for the kitchen. It’s six-sided. It’s perfect.

Gift for the Handyman: Ray is a contractor buddy who has taken me along on a number of jobs so I could shoot some How To’s. He’s the quintessential handyman, hired out to do everything from replacement windows and storm doors to whole kitchen remodels. He also has a bad back. I cringe every time I watch him lift a wall cabinet on his own. So I’m giving him these Handi-Straps. Hefty loads won’t be a bother anymore. I’m not sure if he’ll want to be seen in public wearing one, so I’ll promise to put away the camera next time. This is a great gift for guys, or a workshop gift. Put it under the tree? Heck, you can LIFT the tree with this baby.

Gift for the Cooks-in-Training: I know for a fact that my friends Kyle and Kristi NEVER check how much propane is left in the tank before inviting everyone over for a cookout. It’s always been just a matter of time before they’re forced to order pizza when the gas runs out with the meat barely passing for rare. So they are getting the Propane Gauge, from Brookstone. Yes, it’s a little self-serving? I don’t want pizza when steaks are on the menu.

There’s plenty more gifts to choose from in the Holiday Gift Guide. Be sure to check out the Gifts under $25 and Stocking Stuffers while you’re there. I bet you’ll whittle that list down to nothing.

What tough-to-shop-for person do you have on your list? Maybe we can help.

Renovate with Tommy Mac Holiday Gift Guide