How important is saving water in your house? You don’t have to be a Green-iac to feel the urge to conserve. The lower monthly water bill might be just the push you need.

Back in the day (before the National Energy Policy Act of 1992), kitchen faucets were geysers that could move up to eight gallons of water per minute. That’s good for filling great big pots, but a waste when washing hands or dishes. If you have inherited an existing kitchen with a faucet that gushes water like Niagara Falls, consider updating that relic with an eye towards built-in water-savings.

The latest example to pass my desk is Moen’s new line of green faucets – the Anabelle and Dorsey Eco-Performance models. They have water-flow presets for low-flow uses like washing dishes — to full power mode for filling a pitcher. Yes, of course you can just use the lever to adjust the water. But I bet you often find yourself trying (and failing) to fine tune the flow — and settling for something too powerful. With these settings you can just let it rip.

The lowest flow rate gives a 32 percent water savings at 1.75 gallons per minute (gpm) while the full flow runs at the standard 2.2 gpm. The faucets also feature Moen’s Hydrolock installation system which allows homeowners to connect the faucet and supply lines with an audible click -– no pipe-wrenching skills needed.

So tell us: What’s your best water-saving tip?

Credit: Moen press release