When I moved to Silicon Valley, I had to rapidly acquaint myself with the rental properties in the area. To outsiders like myself, one area was just like another, so why not bargain shop? Man, was I wrong! Sometimes there’s a reason why rents in one area are higher. Then again, sometimes you’re just getting ripped off. Even now, I have to admit I don’t know if I am paying too much or too little for my apartment. It’s like this everywhere, renters wonder if they are paying too much and property owners wonder if they are charging too little. Prices vary wildly from neighborhood to neighborhood, throw in different types of property (1-4 bedrooms, 1-4 bathrooms) and confusion reigns. Enter the Rentometer. Just plug in the address, monthly rent, number of bedrooms, and units in the building, and the Rentometer compares the rent with the average and comparable units in the area. Maps show similiar properties in the neighborhood and their rent in comparison. Now you can tell if your apartment is a gem or a rip-off. Wish I’d had this in California!