Want to feel like a star on Flip This House but don’t necessarily care for sinking tens of thousands of real dollars (not to mention countless hours) into a potential money pit? Then you need to try your hand at House Flip, a free interactive game available at Shockwave.com.

“House Flip” allows you to purchase a home and go room by room performing inspections, cleanings, repairs and upgrades in order to increase its value and flip it for a profit. You’ll clean stoves, scrub windows, lay tile and carpet and more as you race against time to get the home prepared for bidding. From the moment you buy, you have 5 minutes to make repairs and upgrades — a far cry from the 30 days allotted on most A&E show participants!

Make sure you give yourself a good 20 minutes to play with the game. It gets very addicting, especially as you get better and start making 5-figure profits. On my first attempt at flipping I actually lost money — $650, to be exact. My last attempt earned me a respectable $5,047. Not bad for 5 minutes’ work.

Tip: when repairing windows, grab each pane by the top, or you’ll never get it to fit.

Worst feeling in the game: dropping a window pane and hearing it smash!

Have fun!