If you’re looking to go carbon-free or carbon reduced, look no further than the roof for your technological upgrade. The Complete Solar Roof from solarcentury generates electricity and hot water through its photovoltaic roof tiles.The tiles arrive pre-assembled and affix to regular roof battens, so there’s no need to alter roof lines or structure. The Complete Solar Roof has wireless meters that show exactly how much energy is being generated and stored at any given moment, which sounds like fun. The blog from Our Green Life tells how one family is living with this new technology to power their home. Their only complaint: Arguing with the power company over buying reduced quantities of electricity. Sounds like governments worldwide could pick up on this technology. Flying to England next week? Check out the Complete Solar Roof at Interbuild 2006 in Birmingham, England, from April 23-27. Availability in the U.S.? Still in negotiations.

Credit: TreeHugger