Absolutely nothing is as important as home safety. Emergency Preparedness for any situation is vital for happy, healthy and worry-free homeownership. That’s why we felt the need to blog about this new Werner Fire Escape Ladder. Easily tucked away into the wall below a second floor window, the ladder releases in seconds, providing a safe and quick egress from the upstairs in the case of a fire.

The two story ladder retails for a mere $99 — not that you can put a price on saving lives, but that’s pretty inexpensive peace of mind. There’s no misplacing the ladder, installment needs during a fire or purchasing a new one after each use. An easy 3-step installation process is doable by even the most novice of DIYers. Just be sure to test out the ladder after installation to make sure it has been installed properly.

Check out the Werner site to see their installation and 30-second escape challenge videos.

What steps have you taken to prepare your home for an emergency?