With all signs now pointing at a downturn in the economy, CNN Money has 11 home improvement tips that can spruce up your home on the cheap. The list:

  1. Buy square edge, standard color or remnant stone countertops.
  2. Use stock moldings instead of custom ones.
  3. Purchase container plants when planting for privacy. Container plants cost much less than plants that have been grown in the ground.
  4. Use copper pre-fab roofing.
  5. When buying a bathtub, skip the jets and salvage a claw-foot.
  6. Cut tile yourself. This step can save you about 30 percent of the cost.
  7. When hanging windows, gang together stock double-hungs.
  8. For a dramatic hardwood floor, buy inexpensive oak and apply an ebony stain.
  9. Use a kit and less modules when creating a closet organizing system.
  10. Use stock kitchen cabinets when building a built-in media center.

Read in-depth descriptions of each tip at the CNN Money web page.

Credit: CNN Money article