Our homes are our biggest investment, and it is easy to become a bit neurotic about them when we’ve left them for extended periods of time. Did I leave a window open? What if the pipes freeze or leak? Was the iron on when I left? Questions like these can plague the mind of a vacationing homeowner, and elevate stress levels to an unhealthy degree. A new product that is set for an August 2006 release puts an end to the worrying. The Home Heartbeat is a home monitoring system that allows you to remotely access some of your home’s vital signs to check in on its well-being. Sensors installed within the home can monitor windows and doors, plugged-in appliances, and detect the presence of water in a basement or a leak in a pipe. The system is comprised of a base station, wireless sensors, and a Home Key device, which allows remote access to the system. Accessories include an automatic water shut off valve in the case of a potentially damaging leak. The Home Heartbeat is accepting pre-registration on its soon-to-be-available product. Starter packages run $175 and include a base station, an open/close sensor, and keyfob remote access device.

Credit: The Red Ferret Journal

Home Heartbeat