If you plan to hire a contractor for any demolition or remodeling project, begin shopping at least six months before your proposed start to the project. A contractor’s schedule may be booked months in advance, and this will also give him/her time to coordinate schedules with any necessary sub-contractors.

Permits and Approval — 2 to 3 months prior

  • Contact local municipal agencies for permits and regulations (noise, hours of demolition, disposal)
  • Verify boards that might be required to grant project approval (neighborhood, planning, historic, etc…)
  • Bring: plans
  • Visit homeowners’ or condominium association for approval, any municipal review boards. Know their schedule for presentation, review, approval
  • Bring: plans, contractor, architect

Structural and Property Concerns — Prior to demolition

  • Verify any load-bearing or structural members involved in demolition
  • Protect glass from stress and impact-related damage
  • Wiring concerns, gas and water shutoffs, underground utilities, etc…
  • Hire specialty firm to identify any hazardous material (lead paint, asbestos) OR
  • Take samples of suspected hazardous waste-containing materials to specialty lab for analysis.

Waste and Disposal — Prior to demolition

  • Hire demolition contractor, if serving as your own general contractor
  • Plan for removal of hazardous debris; hire specialty contractor if necessary
  • Order dumpster and verify guidelines and removal dates
  • Establish daily cleanup guidelines and final cleanup requirements in contract

Credit: Renovate with Tommy Mac