With today’s house-buying market favoring the buyer, it’s wise to take your time and really review a property before deciding to buy. Experts warn of common coverups that could signal underlying problems. Most of these cosmetic repairs mask water problems, so keep a sharp eye for freshly painted areas that could cover water stains. I know, I know, we always tell sellers to slap on a fresh coat of paint to make the property more inviting. But, if you see just one wall repainted or only the ceiling, it’s best to investigate and make sure there isn’t a leak lurking up above. Carpets are another tip-off to potential damage. If there is a brand new throw rug or piece of carpeting, roll it back and check underneath for any signs of damage. If the flooring is all new, you might look to be sure this isn’t flood repair. Always check to see if the property is built in a flood plain. Bathrooms are also a key area for hidden water problems. If tile repair is selective, especially if it is at the base of the tub or shower wall, there may be a wet wall behind it. Take note of all of these items and signal them on any home inspection. After all, the advantage right now goes to the buyer.

Credit: Top 10 Coverups