Print this list and answer the following questions for each room/area of the house.

Windows/Doors Yes No
Are windows/doors easy to open/close?
Are locks sturdy/easy to operate?
Are doors wide enough for a walker/wheelchair?
Are door thresholds raised too high?
Is there space to maneuver while opening/closing doors?
Does the front door have a view panel?
If so, is it at a proper height for you?
Floor Surfaces Yes No
Is the surface safe? Non-slip?
Are there scatter rugs or door mats that may be dangerous?
Are there changes in levels?
If so, are they obvious or marked in some way?
Steps/Stairways/Walkways Yes No
Are they in good repair? Smooth/safe surfaces?
Are there handrails on both sides of stairway?
Is there grasping space for both knuckles and fingers on railings?
Are the stair treads deep enough for your whole foot?
Would a ramp be feasible in any of these areas if it became necessary?
Appliances/Kitchen/Bath Yes No
Is arrangement convenient and safe?
Can oven/refrigerator be opened easily?
Are stove controls easy to use?
Are they clearly marked?
Is counter height/depth good for you?
Can you sit while working?
Are door cabinet knobs easy to use?
Are faucets easy to use?
Do you have convenience items such as a garbage disposal?
A trash compactor?
A hand-held shower head?
Can you get in and out of tub/shower with ease?
Do you have bath/shower seat?
Are there grab bars where needed?
Is hot water heater regulated to prevent scalding/burning?
Storage Yes No
Is storage located conveniently?
Is storage adequate and usable?
Can you easily reach closet items?
Have you maximized your storage space with innovative products?
Electrical Outlets/Switches/Alarms Yes No
Are outlets/switches easy to turn on/off?
Are outlets properly grounded to prevent electrical shock?
Are extension cords in good condition?
Are they needed?
Do you have smoke detectors in all necessary areas?
Do you have an alarm system?
Is the telephone readily available for emergencies?
Is the telephone equipped for hearing enhancement if necessary?
Can you hear the doorbell in every part of the house?
Lighting/Ventilation Yes No
Is lighting sufficient for purpose of area?
Is lighting bright enough for safety?
Do you have night lights where needed?
Is area well-ventilated?
Driveway/Garage Yes No
Is parking space available
Is it convenient to entrance way?
Does garage door have an automatic opener?

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