Holiday cards are a great tradition: a way to remember friends and family who you might not think about during the year. But what do you do with cards after you’ve opened them?

This Apartment Therapy article gives some good suggestions for what to do with cards, including displaying them in an old window frame; buying a holder for business cards and using it to display holiday cards instead; or using them to liven up your holiday table by arranging them among gourds and centerpieces.

These suggestions would work best for households that don’t receive many cards, or that only want to display their favorite cards. But in my family, we have trouble throwing things away, and we receive a lot of cards. My mother came up with a solution: she buys red pushpins and tacks our cards up on the exposed wooden beams in our colonial house. That way, all of our cards become part of our Christmas decorations, and we get to enjoy them for the whole holiday season.

Do you have any tricks for displaying Christmas cards? Share them with us!