I’m a huge fan of innovation, especially when it takes advantage of age-old principles. Radiant heat, for example, is one of my big favorites. It just makes sense to have heat accumulate in objects and then radiate out to warm the rest of the room. Redoing my house to take advantage of that concept has proven to be a stumbling block, however. Thermostone heating stones from HomeHeating Products provide a decorative, easy-to-use solution for radiant heating. The stones range in size from 19.7 inches by 10.7 or 31.5 inches up to 39.75 inches by 20 inches. Thermostone wall units hang from special brackets on the wall and plug in to use standard 110 volt electric current or—in the case of the very largest stone—220 volt service. Once the stone reaches its programmed temperature, it holds the heat for up to four hours, uses convection to draw cool air in and send warmed air rising behind it, and radiates warmth into the room. The wall stones are recommended for rooms from 10 feet by 10 feet to over 20 feet by 20 feet. Thermostones even come as portable units that roll from room to room or as decorative towel warmers in marble shades, granite hues, reds, greens, slate, flat black, and white. Thermostones are are available through distributors and cost anywhere from $300 for towel warmers to around $800 for the largest models.

Thermostone Heaters