There are some chores some people just won’t do. In my case, it’s ironing. I’ll take out the trash, I’ll clean a toilet, but I hate, hate, hate ironing. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever ironed something without my wife’s supervision. Mostly it is because I’m terrified of accidentally burning the clothes. But I might reconsider this if I had an Oliso Steam Iron. The Oliso features an automatic mechanism that lifts the iron off the stand when the grip is released. The instant you take your hand off the grip, the iron lifts itself off the clothes, eliminating the risk of scorching the fabric. There is no need to turn it onto it’s end, the iron always stays in a stable horizontal position. The iron also turns itself off after 8 minutes if it is not touched during that time, preventing a significant fire hazard. Due to its superior design, it can increase ironing efficiency by 30%. There are two models, retailing for $119 and $129. The Oliso website has a store locator and the iron can be purchased online.

Oliso Steam Iron