Happy Holidays from all of us at Renovate with Tommy Mac!

If you are looking to pass the time between presents and pot roast, here’s a few ideas for you:

1) Make a Gingerbread House! You can use these Gingerbread House Designs to build a literal cookie cutter mansion with M & M pathways and candy cane siding.

2) Go on a tour of neighborhoods to see the Holiday Decorations. Don’t forget to bring your camera! Photo submissions of Holiday Decorations get posted in our Holiday Decoration gallery and entered to win a $100 gift certificate. User voting begins January 1.

3) Tune up the snowblower. Follow this helpful video to keep your snowblower maintained. You don’t want thing failing you after the next big storm.

4) Defrost and protect your pipes. What’s worse than a broken snowblower? Frozen pipes. Worse yet? Burst pipes. Prevent these nightmare situations with a few simple steps.

5) Give! Take a few minutes and read up on our Charity Blog Series. There’s a handful of worthy, notable charities that could use a generous donation or another set of hands.

Or, if you’d prefer, put your feet up, pour another glass of eggnog and enjoy these last few days of 2009!