Happy Earth Day from all of us here at Renovate with Tommy Mac.

Today is a day when we honor this beautiful, water-covered, life-giving planet that we call home. If you haven’t already, take a moment out of your day to say a little word of thanks to Earth for being a continued source of fresh water, food, seasons, sunshine, rain, mountains and oceans and everything in between.

If you are short on ideas for ways to celebrate, take a look back at some of our Earth Month Tips for a little inspiration:

  • Earth Month Tip #1: Reduce Bottle Water Consumption in the Home. We share some methods to kick the plastic habit.
  • Earth Month Tip #2: Conserve Water. There are a couple key steps you can take to save money and water around the home. This includes a few fun DIY jobs that the whole family can get involved in!
  • Earth Month Tip #3: Green Gardening and Landscaping. Dump those poison pesticides (or properly dispose of them) and funky fertilizers for their organic counterparts. This is healthier for the environment, your home and your family.
  • Earth Month Tip #4: Start a Garden. Stop relying on the supermarket for all your fresh herbs and veggies. Plant your own! Nothing could be more satisfying.
  • Earth Month Tip #5: Install Energy Efficient Lights. Yup, it’s time to swap out those inefficient incandescent bulbs for some energy-saving CFLs, LEDs and ESLs. What’s that? You’ve never heard of an ESL bulb? Time to get up to speed.
  • Earth Month Tip #6: Clean Green. Stop swapping germs for chemicals in the home. Check out our advice on how to clean the green way this spring. Keep that indoor air clean, fresh and healthy.
  • If you’re still looking for ways to honor the Earth, go to the official Earth Day website to take the Earth Day Pledge, find out how to take action in your community and to get generally inspired to better our Planet.

    How will you celebrate this most important of days?