I don’t usually think of myself as a hip, of-the-moment homeowner. But, our current construction project seems to be hitting some pretty trendy topics, including our master bedrooom access to the new office / guest room. Apparently we can bill it as a “snoring room” if and when we sell the house. Yes, the new trend in homebuilding appears to be an attached sleeping room where the snorer or spouse can grab those needed, quiet hours of rest. Not a bedroom, it’s really like a sleeping niche attached to the bedroom. Decorators and homebuilders are touting its advantages. Sleep specialists and work experts are praising the benefits for those who actually gain the ability to get a night’s rest. Real estate agents see it as the hot home trend for 2007. To achieve it, some sleep-starved homeowners are taking sitting areas and adding a sleeper sofa or daybed, while others are carving out space for a small bed and chair. Experts say it may save marriages and preserve jobs. After all, who needs to swat a spouse all night then aim for peak performance at the office the next morning? Think about it… the snoring room could be the new need-to-have item of the year. Decorators, get your swatches ready!

Credit: American Academy of Sleep Medecine

Agent to Agent Ezine