TreeHugger recently reported on the progress of GrowNYC’s food scrap collection pilot program, which, since expanding to 11 greenmarkets, has collected 172,851 pounds of food scraps.

The program is pretty simple. NYC residents can bring their food scraps to any of the participating Greenmarkets. The food scraps then get used to make compost and help divert the waste from the landfills. According to GrowNYC, food comprises 17% of NYC’s waste stream.

It’s a great program to help those who aren’t inclined to start their own compost pile or compost bin. Which, given the fact that a good number of participants are probably living in tiny apartments, is perfectly understandable. Unless you are able to compost outdoors or have one of those self-contained indoor compost bins, the endeavor can get a bit…odorous.

Sounds like the kind of program that every city could use. Nice job, GrowNYC.

Credit: TreeHugger