I have a couple of friends with second-floor apartments who, due to small balcony space, find themselves bereft of a grill. This pretty much rules them out as hosts of a summer-time bash, because let’s face it—if you can’t grill, the party is going to be a little lame. For space-conscious people in want of a grill, the Del Mar Magma grill comes in diameters measuring 16.25 inches and 18.25 inches respectively. Del Mar Magma’s polished stainless-steel unit stands 41” tall. They all come in natural gas or propane varieties, with the 1 lb. quick-change, disposable propane canisters fitting neatly inside the base. The natural gas version can be hooked up to your home’s supply. At $400 this item is not a bad investment—think of how many more friends you’ll have now that you can grill! The small tank might only allow for 3 hours of continuous grilling, but burgers and dogs only take minutes, so your guests shouldn’t go hungry. Available now.

Credit: The Appliancist

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