Dinner party entertainment just went to a whole new level. With the Cook-N-Dine tabletop cooking table, you can turn an otherwise average dinner into a spectacle, grilling up the meal right before the guests’ eyes. The working part of the unit is a center circle, which drops down to form a shallow pit when in operation. The cooking pit houses an 1800-watt heating element that can be adjusted up to 430º F—for stir-fry and Mongolian-style grilling. When the unit is off, the center circle rises up until flush with the rest of the table, presenting the cooked food for serving and consumption. The heated center circle measures 16” in diameter, and an additional 3.5” warming ring maintains half the temperature of the grill center. The sining portion of the table stays cool to the touch. Tables are available in 35.5”, 43”, and 47” diameters, and 29.75” tall. The table is stainless steel and plugs into to an electrical outlet. Cleaning is a cinch—just some water on the still-warm surface and a cloth or paper towel, followed by a little vegetable oil polishing. Prices start at $1,690 for their portable unit, with Cook-N-Dine’s smallest table running $3,890. My one caveat—unless you place this baby underneath a ventilation hood of some sort, there will be indoor air quality issues. So, keep your ventilation running or Saturday’s shrimp is likely to linger.

Credit: Appliancist